Syamsyarief Baqaruzi, S.T., M.T.

Syamsyarief Baqaruzi, S.T., M.T.

Sekretaris Program Studi dan Ketua Pusat Pusat Riset dan Inovasi (Purino) Konservasi dan Energi Terbarukan

Secretary of Study Program and Chief of Conservation and Renewable Energy Inovation and Research Center


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M.T. at Universitas Indonesia (UI), Jakarta, Indonesia

NIP 19900907 201903 1 015

Asisten Ahli, Assistant Professor

Power Plant, Renewable Energy, Energy Management, Power Distribution, System Energy,  and Electrical Power


Syamsyarief Baqaruzi was born on September 7, 1990, in Medan-Indonesia. He is the fourth of five children in his family. He received his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Sumatera Utara in 2012 with a GPA of 3.29, then moved to Jakarta in 2013 to start his first job as an electrical engineer at PT. Asdi Swasatya, where he completed the MEP construction project work, moved to PT. Rekadaya Elektrika as SCM Officer in 2014 and decided to continue his master’s degree in Electrical Engineering at the University of Indonesia and finished in 2018 with a GPA of 3.24. Continuing his studies whilst working, he had two career shifts at that period due to the time commitment of splitting his time between employers and higher education. He worked with two companies between 2015 to 2019, first at PT. Topeng Dwi Makmur as a Project Management Engineer, then at PT. Wasa Mitra Engineering as an Assistant Procurement Manager. He decided to become an electrical engineering lecturer at the Institut Teknologi Sumatera in South Lampung since 2019, and in 2020 he was entrusted with becoming the secretary of the study program and head of research and innovation center for conservation and renewable energy. To date, he has advised undergraduate students with a total of 38 students who have completed 10 students, as well as teaching three to four courses each semester, including conducting research and community service. With research background are Power Plant, Renewable Energy, Energy Management, Power Distribution System, Energy and Electrical Power. He is now married with two children and is someone who is a smart worker for still keen to learn and do new things.


University of Indonesia. Master of Engineering (M.T.) in Electrical

Engineering (2018)
• GPA: 3,24/4.00
• Final Thesis: Analysis of Optimal Potential Waste in DKI Jakarta and Application of Technology for Waste to Energy (WtE)
• Advisor: Prof. Dr. Ir. Iwa Garniwa M. K., M.T.

University of Sumatera Utara. Bachelor of Engineering (S.T.) in Electrical Engineering (2012)

• GPA: 3,29/4.00
• Final Thesis: Analysis of Losses and Drop Voltage Distributed Generation in 20 KV Primary Distribution System
• Advisor: Ir. Sumantri Zulkarnaen & Ir. A. Rachman Hasibuan, M.T.

Research Interest

Power Plant, Renewable Energy, Energy Management, Power Distribution System, Energy and Electrical Power


Secretary of Study Program of Electrical Engineering – Institut Teknologi Sumatera
Head of Research and Innovation Center for Conservation and Renewable Energy – Institut Teknologi Sumatera
South Lampung, Lampung Province, Indonesia

2016- 2019
Assistant Manager Procurement, PT. Wasa Mitra Engineering
East Jakarta, DKI Jakarta Province, Indonesia

2015- 2016
Project Management Engineer, PT. Topeng Dwi Makmur
Central Jakarta, DKI Jakarta Province, Indonesia

2014 – 2014
SCM Officer, PT. Rekadaya Elektrika
Central Jakarta, DKI Jakarta Province, Indonesia

2013 – 2014
Electrical Engineer, PT. Asdi Swasatya
West Jakarta, DKI Jakarta Province, Indonesia



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  4. 2020
    “Fabrikasi Tempat Sampah Pintar Dengan Pemilahan dan Pemadatan Otomatis (Fabrication of Smart Waste Bins with Automatic Sorting and Compaction)” Electronica and Electrical Journal of Innovation Technology (E-JOINT) Vol.1 No.2 (Amrina Mustaqim, Sefrani IG Siregar, Syamsyarief Baqaruzi)
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“Forecasting of Using Electricity Consumption at ITERA (Institute of Technology of Sumatra) until 2025, to Improve Application of Renewable Energy in Lampung Province” in The 6th International (Virtual) Workshop on UI GreenMetric World University Ranking (IWGM 2020) University of Zanjan, Iran


“Best Micro Teaching” in Training of Skill Development in Instructional Techniques, Universitas Lampung, Indonesia




Discrete Mathematics, Electrical Circuit I, Power Plant, Final Project I (Capstone Design), Final Project II (Capstone Design), Profession & Engineering Ethics, Probability and Statistics, Electric Drive System, Electric Power Distribution System.


Introduction to Computers and Software I, Digital System, Profession & Engineering Ethics, Discrete Mathematics, Engineering Mathematics II, Electromagnetic Field, Final Project I (Capstone Design).



Dzaky Hilmy Raihan, Nur Anggun Regina Amri


Herwin Junion Siboro, Mochamad Donny Rinaldi, Muhamad Ikhfan Irawan, Rachmad Hidayatullah, Hanif Restu Kurniadi, Perwira Cahya Dewantara.


Nationality: Indonesia
Religion: Islam
Maritial Status: Married
Languages: Oral and written proficiency in Bahasa Indonesia
Other Languages: English
Certificate in Pedagogy: Training of Skill Development in Instructional Techniques (Certified from the Director of Academic Development, Universitas Lampung, Indonesia)
Professional Membership: MKI (Indonesian Electrical Power Society), Fortei (Indonesian Electrical Engineering Higher Education Forum), Ecadin Energy